there are people in the fields . . .

we hiked from munich to innsbruck and everything was so very beautiful, i tried to make words out of it but my mind was too sleepy, too exhausted, too drained, and somehow there was a strange sense of contentment in just looking, and the wonderful feeling of goodness filling you just till the brim, enough that it would not spill over to overwhelm you, enough that it would wait there and be patient for you to be able to take it in. the clouds always looked as if they were just ready to reach you and grab you and i don’t know how to feel about that.

sommer in bangkok

pre_01 Heute Morgen haben wir es einfach getan: Wir habe einen Flug nach Bangkok gebucht. Einfach so. Zehn Tage. Ohne Plan, schauen, was passiert. Das Land der Freiheit. Thailand ist sicher, beliebt bei Rucksacktouristen. Es bereitet mir eine geradezu große Lust, ins Ungewisse zu reisen und zu sehen, was ich anstelle, wie ich mich verhalte, […]

the birth of a world

imagine a land stretch your arms as far as you can and hold the air between your fingertips; bring it to life; offer it to the land let vines sprout from your chest and drape themselves on this little kingdom; they will snake round your ankles. let them. twine them between your legs and pull […]